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Mar 25th-Apr 6th

Like most folks, we are concerned about the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. If you are able to stay home, we recommend that you do so.

The governor's stay-at-home order lists driver licensing systems as an essential service under the state's Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers list, but a clarification ruling determined that license tests are not essential.

Driver's ed classroom sessions have moved online, at least through April 6th and likely beyond. Driving lessons are deemed to be non-essential, and the DOL is not even issuing permits for the time being. At this time, we are not offering lessons or license tests until April 7th at the earliest (subject to extension by the governor).

The DOL is currently closed, so they aren't issuing permits or licenses at the moment. That's OK if you are signed up for driver's ed; you can still take and complete the classroom portion, and we'll do the driving lessons later (completion deadlines have been greatly extended). The DOL does have relaxed restrictions to do a renewal online, and if your are eligible to get your driver license online, you can still do that.

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I-5 Driving School
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WA State Written and Driving Exams Tests

"I started teaching my kids how to drive on their own, but it wasn't until they started with I-5 Driving School that they really seemed to get it."
-Holly B., Maple Valley

"They were willing to adjust their class times to accomodate my son's soccer team practices. We ended up sending a third of the team to I-5!"
- Michelle D., Maple Valley

"The classes are fun, with lots of real stories. I'm learning a lot."
- Ashlee A., Maple Valley

We take driving education seriously, and promise to provide a better experience.
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