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About Us

Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, attitude, and habits that will serve them for a lifetime of collision free driving.

Why We Started
We sent our children to other driving schools in the area, and were disappointed by the experience. The instructors didn't seem to care, and sat in the back while the kids had to watch an hour's worth of videos that were made over 20 years ago.


Kids had to write out their own questions rather than having a workbook provided. Scheduling for drive times weren't convenient, and after the class ended, our kids weren't any better at driving than when they started.

We knew that kids deserved better than this. It didn't take long for us to commit to building the best driving school possible.

What To Expect
Expect to learn in a fun environment. There is a lot of material to cover, but our goal is for you to enjoy coming to class; not dreading it. Each class is two hours long, with a ten-minute break in between.

From the lighting, to the comfort of the chairs, to the friendly instructors, we check every detail to make this the best driving school possible. We think you and your teenager will appreciate the difference.

Why Choose Us?
  • A better classroom experience
  • A better driving experience
  • Convenient classroom times
  • Flexible scheduling may be available
For more information, call us at 206-207-5555


"I started teaching my kids how to drive on their own, but it wasn't until they started with I-5 Driving School that they really seemed to get it."
-Holly B., Maple Valley

"They were willing to adjust their class times to accomodate my son's soccer team practices. We ended up sending a third of the team to I-5!"
- Michelle D., Maple Valley

"The classes are fun, with lots of real stories. I'm learning a lot."
- Ashlee A., Maple Valley

We take driving education seriously, and promise to provide a better experience.
Call us today!